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Welcome to Arley Women's Club

Established 1972, Incorporated 2011


About Us

Mission Statement

The Arley Women's Club is committed to improving the community of Arley and it surrounding areas. The members share the goal of encouraging the use of the Arley Library. They are also devoted to supporting the local schools and parks. The volunteers of the Arley Women's Club are hard working and caring individuals who make a positive difference in the lives of area residents.


Meetings: 2nd Monday of the Month September - May

Location: Meek Baptist Church (unless otherwise noted)

 12:00 p.m. Light Lunch and Social Time

12:45 p.m. Devotional

1:00 p.m. Meeting

Our Focus

Arley Public Library



Arley Women’s Club (AWC) had been supporting the library for over 30 years, since it was located in just a single trailer with no running water. In 2003, the group concentrated its efforts and set about building a two story library. The new library has served our community since 2005. We received funding and donations from local citizens, the Arley Town Council, state senators and corporate grants. As a result, we now have a beautiful library that will continue to meet the area’s needs. There is a computer room plus a special circulating section devoted to Southern authors. Also, it is has used books are for sale and there are magazines and newspapers to browse. The children’s section continues to grow and is a welcome spot for kids of all ages. The meeting area on the 2nd floor hosts meetings, educational sessions, and gatherings on a regular basis. These meetings include the Arley Women’s Club, the Arley Book Club, a writer’s group, the library summer reading program, and theArley Bridge Club.

Hamner Park



The Hamner family of Arley donated land several generations ago for a town park between C.R. 41 and Helicon Rd. It has always been a beautiful spot, however, not well-known. It went through several changes over the years. More recently, the Town of Arley acquired land adjacent to the original park to expand Hamner Park. Added was a sports complex, in addition to, 3 baseball diamonds with a concession stand, a soccer field, a playground for children and future room for basketball and tennis courts. In 2014, the AWC and Hamner family member, Peggy Norris, felt the walking trail and wooded area needed renovating. The Town Council agreed and the Women’s Club adopted the park as a major project. Dead trees were cleared out and the walking path was regraded and resurfaced. The AWC re-conditioned existing wood benches which advertise local businesses. We built a rustic gazebo (donated by the Hamner Family), therefore, making it perfect for musical performances, weddings, family pictures, and a beautiful place to sit and reflect. Picnic benches were added to encourage family gatherings thus making the park a lovely place to sit and relax. With help from Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension, ADEM and Alabama Water Watch, the wetland areas have beenpreserved and information signs have been added. Now the walking trail and sports complex are an active place for local residents and visitors to enjoy….We love our park!

Hamner Park is the location of AWC’s annual “Arley Day” festival and car show held each May. A new, massive pavilion was built in 2007 near the playground. Picnic tables which will hold close to 100 people were donated by the Warren Hamner Family and constructed by a local eagle scout and his troop. The new pavilion is a centerpiece of the park, adding yet another feature for the community to enjoy.




The Arley Women’s Club (AWC) has always been actively supportive of Meek Elementary and High Schools. The schools look to the Women’s Club for financial help, physical help, and tutoring. Furthermore, important recipients of our fundraising are Meek’s high school seniors. For many years, AWC has provided scholarships to deserving students who will further their studies after graduation. Scholarships are offered for vocational and college bound students. AWC supports the Winston County Arts Council which provides art, music and drama teachers, and supplies to our schools. This has become a huge asset to our students since the School District does not allocate funding for visual and performing arts. Whenever our schools need help, the AWC is there to assist.




One of the main goals of the Arley Women’s Club is to make our town a better place to live. If that means building a library, we build it; If Arley needs a park that all our citizens can use; we make it happen. If our schools need help, we give it. When our roads are littered, we pick up the trash. If our volunteer fire department has a need, we find a way. We support the local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. The Arley Day Festival began over 40 years ago because a small group of women wanted the town to celebrate with a fun day of games and musical entertainment. Since then, over 100 members strong, the AWC partners with the Arley Town Council and continues its efforts to make our community the best it can be.

Committee Descriptions

Arley Day Festival


A fun day of activities for people of all ages: Bake sale, car show, marketplace vendors, children's games and activities. This event provides a welcome to summer for the Arley community.

Arley Rocks


Also known as The Kindness project - rocks are painted with pictures and/or inspirational messages and then hidden for others to find.  Those that find the rocks can either replace the rock with one of their own or re-hide the rock continuing to spread happiness to others. Rock are hidden locally, as well as, travel to other cities, states, and even countries.

Bake Sales, Pies & Posies for the PARK


1. Arley Day Spring Bake Sale and Purses for the Park - proceeds dedicated to Hamner Park

2. The Fall Bake Sale is the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving at Traditions Bank and Traders and Farmers Bank in Arley.

3. Pies and Posies for the Park - flower arrangements and luscious pies for sale for Valentine's Day.

Community outreach


Partners with outside non-profit groups to help with community support where there is a need.  Recent programs have included the Winston County commemorative quilt which was created with sponsor donations and is on display in Winston County, Winston County Jail cooking classes, weekly visits to residents of Pine Place (our local retirement home), and the annual Christmas parade. Additional fundraising and programs will help grow this meaningful outreach effort.

Day Trips


Spend the day together...what better way to socialize with friends and learn more about the state we now call home? Each month, an interesting destination is explored. The trips are researched, scheduled and organized by the chairperson and include an interesting lunch spot. Members sign up in advance then meet at the Methodist Church to carpool. New ideas are always invited and the trips are especially fun for new members. It is a great way to spend time together and get to know each other better.



Information is key for our members. We have created a detailed booklet containing a member directory, with contact information, photographs, bi-laws and lots of other pertinent information. The directory has been improved and added to each year. The committee updates the information and it is printed each year for members.

Committee Descriptions

Earth Day Monday


Combining education with nature in Hamner Park. Working hand in hand with teachers and administrators, the Women's Club hosts an Outdoor Classroom experience for Meek Elementary Students on Earth Day.  Themes have included recycling projects, hydroponic "Chia" pets, Smith Lake watershed exhibit, and wildflower appreciation. The students create take home project and refreshments are served. This committee plans the crafts and gathers the necessary materials to host various stations, and provides refreshments. 70-80 students participate each year.

Girls Night Out



We all need a little break every now and then! So join us. We will meet up, drive off and enjoy. Look forward to relaxing and spending a night out with our AWC ladies!

Hamner Park



The committee is responsible for planning, organizing, identifying and funding for the beautification, usage and improvements of Hamner Park. Many improvements have been made since the club has undertaken this project – numerous plantings, structures, a walking trail and a new pavilion. Hand crafted picnic tables were created in cooperation with an Eagle Scout project. The committee teams with community resources to help with planning & implementing projects.




In the past, we have kept annual scrap books with photos and mementos from AWC events and day trip excursions. It is a great way to memorialize and document the many ways we serve the community and participate in fellowship. Facebook is our current method of celebrating and keeping our club history.




The library committee works with the librarian to set and achieve the goals of the library. The committee assists with community programs & outreach, membership, funding for books, media and improvements for the library.

Litter Control - Arley



The AWC has two Adopt-A-Mile areas in Arley. One mile is on Highway 41 as you come into Arley from Addison. The second mile is on Melville Road off Highway 41. AWC volunteers pick up trash on these roadways and Arley proper the first Tuesday of the month at 9:00, October - May. Volunteers meet in the Arley Library parking lot for a two hour clean up. Protective vests, trash bags and grabbers are provided. The group usually stops for lunch after-wards.

Committee Descriptions

Meek School Coordinators



AWC Meek School Coordinators work with the Meek Elementary & High School :

1. Liaison with Elementary & High School principals to determine how AWC can help with the priorities and understand funding needs. Determine ways that AWC can help

2. Provide classroom assistants, tutors & school events volunteers 

3. Liaison for the Arley Youth Club (AYC) who work alongside AWC members for all our fundraising events




The committee is responsible for gathering contact information for new members & maintaining said information on continuing club members. The committee is also responsible for the sale of the AWC club member’s golf shirts.

Military Banner Proram



This program honors service members past & present with light post banners. These banners are displayed in May and November. Town of Arley has assumed full responsibility for managing & maintaining this program ongoing.

Nominating Committee



The nominating committee solicits nominations for AWC officers every 2 years and presents the slate of candidates for vote.




AWC is a member of PALS (People Against a Littered State). The coordinator keeps AWC members informed of PALS events & or-

ganizes the yearly Arley cleanup week. All AWC members can volunteer.





The program committee solicits program suggestions (speakers or visitors) from members yearly. The committee chooses five programs and is responsible for the coordination of the programs.

Committee Descriptions




The publicity committee is responsible for the public relations and promotion of AWC and all events in various media. The publicity committee works with the chairperson(s) of each event to ensure all events have the necessary publicity.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.




The Scholarship Program is in its 11th year. The scholarships are based primarily on service, a reflection of the mission of Arley Women’s Club. It has evolved to include Dual Enrollment scholarships (for advanced placement college courses). This committee meets 2-3 times per year. Involvement includes: revising the student packets, presenting the program to seniors in the beginning of the school year, reviewing & selecting most qualified recipients, presenting the awards at graduation in May.

Social Media



This committee consists of one chairperson and one AWC member. Both the chair and the member are responsible for entering data on the website and Facebook to keep all AWC meeting and event information current. This committee also posts the current AWC information on other local sites.

Ways and Means



Responsible for recommending & organizing multiple fund raising activities throughout the year. These have included but are not limited to: silent auctions, chili festival, fern sales, sale of Smith Lake Merchandise, yard sale, bake sales & other fun events. Net proceeds go back to our community

in the form of scholarships, charitable giving and other community support.

Recycling Pilot Program



This committee has established a pilot Recycling Program in Arley, Alabama. The program is currently open to AWC Members and their families, Town of Arley employees and council members, local churches and businesses, and Meek Schools. The committee goal is to secure an ADEM grant to further expand the program. Recycling materials are collected on Helicon Road at the former Arley Water Works location.

Members volunteer the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.





The sunshine committee keeps up with AWC members who need a little “sunshine.” They inform AWC officers and members of those who needs a little encouragement, a “get well” card or a “missing you” note. The committee is comprised of the coordinator and members who each take a month of the year to coordinate Sun-shine efforts.

Sunshine Committee also coordinates “take a meal” component, in an effort to help schedule meals when an event befalls one of our members.